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shop here and help a kid have a better life


See our selection of T-shirts with designs and positive messages.

about the charity

Children Haiti Project

how go higher works...

For every shirt purchased we donate $8.00 to the charity we working with...


go higher is about about promoting a better life, being active and positive.


go higher teams up with charities around the country that are devoted to helping children have a better life.


how do we do this?... I am glad you ask...

for 14 days go higher and a charity devoted to children teams up.  go higher uses its database to help create awareness and donates $8.00 of every t-shirt that sells.  Yes!!... $8.00, not $7.50, not $7.85... full $8.00 for every t-shirt sold. 


after the timer runs out, its starts again with the next charity and we will do it all over again.


if you are a non-profit interested in participating, or if you have questions or comments email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


go higher...it's a lifestyle...


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